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Thirsty? Quench.

Why Zero Waste

Our Philosophy

Quench Water Company is a family owned, locally owned and operated business. We believe that having a local and trusted source of water is paramount to the health of a community.


Therefore, we have created a growing network of self serve 24/7 water fill up stations located throughout Hawai'i island. They serve water that has been purified though our 8 step commercial grade filtration systems operating at each location. From meticulous maintenance to using the best filtration products on the market, we provide only the purest water possible.

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Water Source

The Journey of our water begins at the source. Kohala, Honokaa, and Hilo sources are well sources. Rainwater is natually filtered though underground porous volcanic rock for about 25 years before it reaches aquifers.  In Waimea, the water source is Kohakohau and Waikoloa streams. All other municipalities source their water from wells. These waters then goes through the municipal water treatment where it is treated to acceptable EPA and state drinking water standards.


Quench Water Company takes this water and begins our own filtration process through our commercial grade 8 step filtration systems to deliver pure, great tasting water.

Filtration Process

Every one of our locations are equipped with a 8 step commercial grade filtration system in order to purify the municipal water (either well or stream source) into our pure, great tasting water. We use only the best filtration products on the market for our systems. Our commercial grade filtration system is as followed.


1. 5 micron sediment filter

2. 1 micron sediment filter

3. Granular activated carbon tank   

4. 5 micron sediment filter

5. 1 micron sediment filter

6. Commercial grade reverse osmosis system.

7. 0.5 micron Activated coconut shell carbon block filter

8. Ultra-violet light




Sediment filters remove visible particulate matter, and any particles of dirt, sand, dust, and debris that can be caught by its micron-rated capacity. Sediment filters also remove turbidity from water. Turbidity is the cloudiness caused in water by the heavy presence of suspended solids. This causes water to have non-crystal clear color.

Carbon Tanks are the best known treatment for organic chemicals, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine, Chloramine and its by-products.

Reverse Osmosis remove a vast amount of contaminants, such as sodium, chloride, copper, chromium, lead, arsenic, fluoride, radium, sulfates, calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrates, phosphorous, cyanide and endocrine disruptors. 

Carbon Coconut shell filters work by adsorption vs absorption and are most effective at removing chlorine, particles such as sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), tastes and odors.

Ultra-Violet Light is capable of destroying 99.99% of harmful micro-organisms without adding any chemicals to water. Its able to destroy viruses, bacteria, cysts, E. Coli, Influenza, Typhoid fever, salmonella, meningitis, and many other infections.


How it works


Our water dispensing vending machines are conveniently placed throughout the big island. They are quick and easy to use. Simply place your container into the vending machine, choose a payment option, and select the amount of water you'd like. 

Our water is purchased by the gallon, the price is $1 per gallon and we have four options available on our vending machines.


40 fluid oz .35

1 Gallon    $1

3 Gallon    $3

5 Gallon.   $5

We accept payment with coins, $1 and $5 bills, credit and debit cards or mobile phone payments such as Apple, Samsung, and google pay.

Why bring your own container?

As of October 16, 2019 Hawai'i is no longer recycling any plastics. Therefore, plastics will end up in our state landfills and further pollute the islands. Saying goodbye to single use plastic bottles would help keep plastic out of our oceans, animals, and our own bodies.


Since we don't bottle our water due to ethical and environmental reasons, we save our customers money when they fill up their own bottles too.

Why we do what we do.

The reasons we are providing our services are to


1. Provide a zero waste alternative to bottled water in order to reduce the amount of single use plastic in Hawai'i. The environmental and ecological toll of single use plastic is devastating to say the least.

2. Provide high quality water at an affordable price. Bottled water in Hawai'i is not exactly easy on the wallet. 

3. We are passionate and conscious about water and our health. We are proud to serve our big island community in a positive way.

Get Quench'd at one of our convenient locations

Kamuela 64-1032 Mamalahoa Highway, #104, Kamuela, HI, 96743
Hilo 315 East Kawili Street, #102, Hilo, HI, 96720
Honoka'a 45-3684 Honokaa-Waipio Road, Honoka'a, HI, 96727
Kapa'au 54-3854 Akoni Pule Highway, Kapa'au, HI, 96755
Kailua-Kona 74-5563 Kaiwi Street NOW OPEN!

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